Mochi Teething Jewelry - Handy Charm Necklace

Mochi Teething Jewelry - Handy Charm Necklace

SKU: MB022
3 months+

Baby-friendly rice jewelry for Mom or Dad
For Babies who lick, chew and explore with their mouth – we created toys made with rice.
The Mochi Handy Charm teething necklace has built-in jingling beads.
Made with 51% rice you'll feel good knowing this necklace is 100% safe and 100% fun!

Additional Product Details

♡ Unique necklace for Mom, functional teether for baby

♡ Comfortable breakaway strap is removable and washable

♡ Easy-to-grasp shape fits in tiny hands and engages the senses

♡ Bumps, ridges, and grooves soothe baby's gums

♡ Eco-friendly, made with rice, and baby safe!