Brain Builders Thumbs Up Pacifier

Thumbs Up Pacifier

3+ months

Thumbs up for a rattling pacifier that babies love!

Babies are naturally attracted to hands and other items similar in shape. Unfortunately, most baby’s hands tend to get dirty quickly and therefore become unsanitary. The Thumbs Up Pacifier is a safe and sanitary alternative to this behavior. It’s also crucial for developing oral motor skills as they learn to chew on the Thumbs Up Pacifier’s many ridges.

Your baby will be able to soothe their sore gums as they find their favorite area to teethe on. Each finger has a different firmness for your little one to choose from to meet their teething needs at the moment.

Additional Product Details

    ♡ Develops oral motor skills while soothing sore gums

    ♡ Soft, squishy thumb moves up and down, while rattling beads keep baby entertained

    ♡ The comforting shape and texture provides a sanitary alternative to baby's own hand